There are many kinds of HCG Diets in the market. hcg diet drops, homeopathic diet and Kevin Trudeau HCG Diet Protocol is quite famous. Dr Simeons HCG Diet is based on taking fewer calories and a dose of hcg hormones. Since, there are dozens of diet protocols and hcg diet charts, it becomes difficult to select the best one for you. Some diet protocols may not be suitable for you.

HCG Diet products are available in numerous forms such as injections, tablets, drops and creams. HCG is a hormone that can help in weight reduction and enhance the metabolism without causing any ill effects on health. Original Dr Simeons HCG Diet as mentioned in his book the Pounds and Inches is based on 500 calories daily system. It is called VLCD acronym for Very Low Calorie Diet. With the help of VLCD, many people have been able to shed extra pounds and altered their way of life. They had been able to gain control on their eating habits. From bad eating habits to they switched to healthy eating habits. They were able to lose inches off their body by combining HCG with VLCD.

The original HCG Diet Protocol by Dr A. T. W. Simeons included low calorie foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The dieter is recommended to take a cup or two of tea or coffee without sugar and with a Tbsp of milk. The doctor suggested 100 grams of chicken, beef, seafood and veal for lunch. All fats must be removed from the meat before cooking. The diet includes a serving of any one of the vegetables and fruits mentioned in the list and a slice bread, or a breadstick is allowed for the lunch. Same goes for the dinner. If you are trying to lose weight, then HCG Diet by Dr Simeons is going to benefit you a lot.