Bitcoins are no way different from the money forms, except these are traded online. Monetary forms have been known to keep the man trade alive with the help of credit facilities it provides. Being a standard of future payments, the money forms help the modern world business trades to be alive, that would have been dead otherwise. With no availability of trade credit, only wealthy people could have been able to trade with the rest of the wealthy people of the times, as they would have possessed such a great amount of money with themselves. The money forms, however are susceptible to loss. The money forms could lose their power when these are traded in the market as the price determination process is dominated by the forces of market, that are more commonly known as the forces of demand and supply.

The market forces of demand and supply may be able to strike an equilibrium, but only after the situations of excess supply and excess demand, or deficit demand or surplus have been eliminated. And these situations can only be avoided when the price of the money changes in accordance to the market situations, and hence the market for money is susceptible to the changes that could harm the parties involved in the trade.

The loss is sustained when the promising party pays the amount in the future when the price is gone up or has fallen down, and hence either party shall be in loss. However, this is not the case with the bitcoin exchanges where a centralized system ensures there is no fluctuation in the price with the best bitcoin exchanges. The money remains intact with the money value stored in it, and therefore to buy bitcoin seems out to be beneficial investment that anything else.