Resonating from the word Chatter Box, a chatbot (often called a talkbot, IM bot, Interactive agent or artificial conversational entity) is a computer program which conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods. These programs are designed to simulate how a computer will behave as a conversational partner. Creating chatbots are surprisingly easy since it follows a pattern similar to the development of a web page or a mobile app. We can create chatbot by following three main steps- Design, building, and analytics.

The designing seeks to define the questions that will be asked to the users and the interaction between the user and chatbot. For building a chatbot we divide the process into two main tasks- a preconceived understanding of the user’s intent and producing the correct answer. A natural processing engine can be used in order to properly understand a user input in a free text form. The second step may involve different approaches depending on the type of the response that the chatbot will generate. The third step is Analytics. The usage of chatbot can be monitored in order to find out about any potential flaws or problems. It can also provide useful insights that can improve the final user experiences.
The process of building, testing and deploying chatbots can be done on cloud-based chatbot development platforms offered by the cloud platform.
There are different platforms which we can use to build a chatbot. There are convenient tools that allow a user to make their own chatbots using simple drag and drop procedure that reduces the manpower of writing individual codes. This makes chatbots easy to build and a very innovative discovery in today’s technology. This is the most basic step in revolutionize computers to replace man’s labor and make everyday life easier.