Protecting ourselves from the winter seasons by providing elements that nature provides us with is one of the oldest methods used by humans. As much as the evolution of man and technological advances have a notorious impact on the different survival mechanisms that have been used historically, these have not been able to definitively replace the dependence of humanity with natural elements.

And we refer to one of the four elements for survival, fire; today there are companies that are dedicated to the production and supply of heat logs through the treatment of kiln dried logs to use it as a natural fuel for heat sources such as fireplaces, stoves, campfires, grills, and others. The company Lekto Wood fuel, is a family company that is responsible for providing natural fuel in different presentations, such as bark briquettes that are of excellent quality due to the process of absorption of moisture to which they are submitted for marketing, which guarantees durability up to 8 hours, they also offer dry heating or heat log that provides high heat performance.

Lekto Wood Fuel gives you the best natural material for ecological combustion, places your logs for sale, in a practical way to move in 10 Kg packages for your comfort. This packing system is also used to guarantee the humidity percentage of the wood that must be less than 9%.

That guarantees a good combustion, maximum performance, and durability besides being easy to light and generate more heat than other woods on the market, the waste is minimal since the ash that is obtained as a result of its use is minimal and can also be used as a supplement to fertilizer for gardens and plants. Do not wait for winter to arrive. Warm up your home with low cost and the best market prices.