Carpet cleaning is a tough task, and many people are unaware of the cleaning methods of carpet. So it is quite important to have some professionals to help you take care of the wonderful carpets in your home. There are different methods of cleaning the carpets, but you should be aware of the type of carpet otherwise, the cleaning method can harm your nice piece of d├ęcor.

Carpet cleaning at its best
The carpet cleaning service companies use different methods according to the type of the carpet. The wet cleaning is the most effective and most used method for carpet cleaning. The hot water treatment cleaning includes the liquefying of the soil and dust particles using hot water or steam treatment. This method is very effective as it uses the pressurised water to be injected into the carpet. The method is expensive and also requires more time in drying after the process.
The other method used includes an absorbent pad. The method is used for carpets, which are not dirty deep down. The carpet is injected with chemicals, and then an absorbent pad is put on the carpet and spun on to push the dirt down. This method makes the dirt stay at the bottom. The method is less expensive and also less effective on dirty carpets.
Dry foam for easy and effective cleaning
The other dry foam method is similar to other methods as it includes the use of a cleaning agent to suspend the dust and dirt on the carpet. The carpet is then scrubbed with a machine, which turns the cleaning solution into the foam. The use of vacuum machine makes the end step. The method is inexpensive, easy and effective. But the machine has to be maintained properly because malfunctioning can lead to improper work.
The Singapore carpet cleaning companies use the methods according to the quote mentioned by you and more importantly by the need of the carpet. The cleaning method is always chosen according to the level of cleanliness a carpet needs.