Two-thirds of students entering high school aren’t proficient readers! This is a catastrophe, but there’s a very simple bit of the puzzle to repair this problem. It might dramatically improve pupil performance! But the majority of us do not understand anything about it.

The problem is that we don’t instruct an entire set of Language rules. I’ve written in a fantastic book called, “Uncovering the Logic of English.” The writer, Denise Elde, clearly clarifies how much we’re missing within our traditional reading education.

Elde says we’re causing harm to students’ logical thinking patterns. Students apply decoding and spelling guidelines to each of words. However, they are often erroneous. Sometimes, they’re “incorrect” 70 percent of their time since they only understand half of the principles!

In response, they believe that there should be something wrong with them. They need to be overlooking something. This is the start of a downward spiral for most students who are more logical, rather of instinctive. When they’re wrong so often they start to believe “What is the purpose?”

Eventually they hit middle school. By this time, they’re on the route of remediation and intervention. Teachers are frustrated because students have “bad attitudes”

I can not blame teachers for being defeated, but I surely understand the students’ situation. We’d feel defeated if we couldn’t work out the secret code. Heck, students do not even know there’s a key code! They believe that they are defunct.

We can prevent scores of students from needing intervention when we altered reading education from the start. But, middle and higher school intervention programs could tackle this problem for their existing students. They could teach the logic of English! Students deserve to know the remainder of the code. Most of them, they deserve to understand they “did not overlook anything.” They aren’t going mad! You can learn phonics from phonics class in Singapore.