The role of Research and Website Analyzer is to measure the website traffic and to develop marketing tools to improve their effectiveness. The basic procedure of analysis is the collection of data, processing of data into information, developing key information indicators and formulating an online strategy. Marketing tools have strategies and techniques used by companies for development and promotion of their goods and services. It is essential for both large and small companies. If budget is limited, companies can opt for online marketing tools. The free small business marketing tools is the best way to check need and possible outcomes of expansion of a business. Basic surveys are conducted by the companies for obtaining results useful to check usability or review of the product. Both free and paid agencies work for marketing tools. Analyzers generally analyze the obtain survey results and researchers use analyzed results to create new opportunities Although free marketing tools give less accurate results as compared to paid marketing tools for small business.

Market tools involve various factors such as:
Traditional media- They include billboards, banners, newspapers, magazines, television, radio and telephone directories.
Digital media- Several digital media marketing tools include search engine optimization, mobile marketing, and interactive online advertisements. Social media is a part of digital media which include social platforms like Facebook, YouTube or any other website for promotional purposes.

Promotional items- It includes tangible marketing tools such as brochures, business cards, press kits, websites, informational videos, and merchandise.

Analyzers establish techniques to imply these market tools for business. Each marketing tools have different cost aspect related to it. Traditional media and promotional items are generally more costly than digital media. Researchers need to work underestimated budget and opt for a suitable method to establish better methods in future for increasing growth.