Since ancient times, this technique has been practiced. In the first civilizations, the use of these methods was implemented in order to reduce muscle pain and produce the greatest possible amount of well-being to people.
At present, the purpose pursued by giving a massage remains the same; with the difference that nowadays the field of application has been extended. Therapeutic massages are those that treat some condition or injury in the muscle, among which are the massages of soft tissue, deep tissue, Swedish, trigger point and sports that are aimed at people who practice some kind of sport or physical activity that entails an effort in a muscular zone, bringing like consequences very painful injuries, that in many cases incapacitant to the one who suffers it.

Relaxing massages have the objective of relieving stress accumulated by stress or excess of worries, they are applied in large areas of the body or in its entirety. They are used for people with very deep nervous depressions or panic attacks, in general to those who manifest a type of neurological disorder and who do not control muscle tension. It gives them a state of tranquility that allows them to resume their lives.
In general, a Registered Massage Therapy is widely recommended by specialists to attack any kind of muscular condition, which has its origin in excessive physical activity or the product of a stress situation.
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