The bitcoins are traded, bought and sold in an open market where the two opposite forces of market react to the changes occurring in the market to strike an equilibrium. The equilibrium may be defined as a situation where the plans of all buyers and sellers in the market tend to meet, and they become satisfied. Although the supply remains continuous, and even gets reduced every 4 years, the demand sides is always highly elastic. Being highly elastic means in response to different factors affecting the demand of Bitcoins, the demand behaves significantly. The demand factor thus remains the sole reason why the prices of the Bitcoins in the free market tend to change every now and then.

The Bitcoin markets have, consequently seen a recent upwards movement in the prices of the Bitcoins. The demonetization is one such effect. If any country cancels the validity of its currency, the demand side always results into increase in the demand for the BItcoins and consequently prices have been seen to rise up. Many countries in the world are looking forward to curb the black money in circulation, and hence the population of those countries recognize the investment of their money into cryptocurrency to ensure the safety of their hard earned efforts.
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