It is not just for children, as scores of baby boomers roaming the parks in mouse ears can attest. It’s no wonder that this is the No.1 tourist destination in the entire world. The Walt Disney World, known officially as Walt Disney World Resort is an entertainment complex in Florida. The resort is owned and operated by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

Extra Magic Hours
Being a guest at Walt Disney World comes with plenty of advantages, EMH (Extra Magic Hours) certainly is one of the huge ones. These are additional hours where the park is opened exclusively for guests. Often the hours are early in the morning or evening. These hours change so be sure to check your time guides so that you can make the most of these extra hours of Disney magic!

Disney Dining Plan
Moreover if you love to know you have everything planned, paid for and organized in advance, the DDP (Disney Dining Plan) arrangement is most certainly for you. It allows you to pre-pay for meals in advance which will then be provided to you in the form of credits which you can use at many of the food service locations and restaurants. For families who like to get their holiday paid up in advance, this option can make a real difference to their plans.

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