YouTube is a world of great surprises. A person often stumbles upon some good channels and comes across some wonderful content. YouTube, if used properly, can be a great platform to learn the things that a person might not be able to learn in daily life. There are some YouTube channels that are extremely popular among people. One such channel is wengie.

The channel Wengie is owned and run by Wendy Ayche. She is an Australian YouTuber. She was born in China and then moved to Australia when she was just a child. According to stats available on internet, she has more than 9 million subscribers and she soon is going to touch the 10 million milestone. She is second most popular YouTuber in Australia, as of now. Moreover, according to data available online, her channel has become the 6th most subscribed channel in the category of how to and style channel by November, 2017. Her channel covers wide variety of topics like beauty, hacks, pranks, DIY, fashion, etc.

She has started her channel Wengie in 2012. And in this short span of time, her channel has reached to greater heights and is expected to grow even more in the coming time. Apart from this, her channel has also won Best channel and Overall winner awards at the 2017 Australian Video Awards. She has other channels as well. She has a second channel, WengieVlogs with over 1.6 million subscribers by November, 2017.

Apart from being a YouTuber, she is a singer as well. She has launched her first single, Baby believe me, in China on July 13, 2017. The song is quite popular and has even reached at number 6 on music charts. Moreover, she has also launched an app called as World of Wengie. She is doing a great job and you need to see her work if you haven’t already. She is indeed a gem of YouTube.